Getting to DONE! by Jeff Sutherland

Last night, Jeff Sutherland (@jeffsutherland) from Scrum, Inc., stopped by the local DC Scrum User Group (@DCSUG) and talked to us about Getting to DONE! It was a great talk highlighting the major factors that impact a teams ability to deliver working software every sprint. The six primary factors are Poor definition of DONE, stories not READY, dysfunctional leadership, technical debt, organizational debt, and ineffective coaching. Check out the entire recorded presentation below.

Here are the slides.

I don’t typically get starstruck but I couldn’t help myself and had to get a picture with the man. It was great talking to Jeff about the 2 days in Snow Bird when the Agile Manifesto was born. What an amazing impact he has had on the software industry and many other industries.


Hangin’ with Jeff Sutherland!

I would like to thank Excella (@ExcellaCo) for marketing and sponsoring the meeting, NRECA (@NRECA) for the great facility and setup staff, Dr. Sutherland for making the journey down from Boston, and the volunteer crew that helped make all this happen!

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