Want What you Have … A Time for Thanks

As Thanksgiving is upon us in the States, I usually bring a little more focus to things that I am thankful for. It reminds me of a great quote, not sure about attribution or accuracy of it. It goes something like this, “it is better to want what you have, than to have what you want.”

Here are just a few things that I thankful for.

I am thankful …

… for the basics (i.e. the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we consume)
… for family
… for my boys
… for my boys and what they don’t know they are teaching me
… for friends, new and old
… for reflecting on my past, learning why I do what I do and attempting to continuously improve
… for being an Agile Coach and learning tons of skills that transcend all aspects of life
… for Excella, a great firm with great people doing phenomenal work for their clients
… for clients that have figured out that embracing Lean and Agile principles will help and hiring coaches to help them speed up their journey
… for all the people who have taken the time to write books and blog posts on their lessons
… for patience
… for meditation
… for exercise
… for people and organizations willingness to experiment and change
… for serious games
… for Scrum and it’s originators
… for Kanban and it’s originators
… for XP (eXtreme Programming) and it’s originators
… for Henrik Kniberg (@henrikkniberg) and all the stuff he has shared, for FREE and for purchase
… for figuring out that Scrum and Kanban could be used to great impact in my family and volunteer lives
… for post-it notes and sharpies
… for Meetup.com making it super easy to connect, share and learn on many topics
… for the Agile Coaching Institute and their great courses
… for Trello
… for Google
… for the human mind and trying to figure out how it works

This list could go on for a while longer but I will end it here. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the United States and for those in other countries, don’t forget to take some time to reflect on what we already have in our lives.

What are you most thankful for?

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