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Causal Loop Diagramming (Part 2)

In the previous post, a basic understanding of Systems Thinking was provided and an introduction to Casual Loop Diagramming (CLD) with the most common notation explained. This post will cover additional CLD notation and expand on our real world example (i.e. why I eat too much, sometimes 😯 ). The...


Don’t Leave Relationships to Chance, Design an Alliance

Don’t leave relationships (mentor/mentee, coach/coachee, team) to chance. Design an alliance to ensure a strong foundation of how you will work together as a team. This is similar to setting up working agreements with teams. An example item in the agreement might be that we will be respectful (don’t interrupt)...


Coaching Agile Teams Workshop in DC this May

Excella Consulting is honored to announce a partnership with the Agile Coaching Institute (ACI) to bring their “Coaching Agile Teams” workshop back to the DC/Metro area. We will be hosting the workshop from May 13th to 15th in Excella’s newly expanded training area. Everyone that we know that has attended...


Ux (User Experience) 101 at Excella

The company I work for, Excella Consulting, is an amazing place to work. If you are in the DC area and want to work on some great projects with a great group of people, look them up. One of the great things about the company is that they regularly hold workshops...


Game of 35 (for Consensus and Prioritization)

I recently attended the Scrum Coaching Retreat in Raleigh, NC and also the pre-retreat workshop facilitated by members of the Agile Coaching Institute called, “Mastering the Ultimate Tool, Yourself”. I would highly recommend both, especially any of the courses delivered by the Agile Coaching Institute. During each of these workshops we...


Stop, Collaborate and Listen (Collaborative Origami)

I couldn’t help myself, Ice Ice Baby for the middle aged readers. You will find out soon that I love conducting experiential learning exercises (a.k.a. games). A good one I like to play is Collaborative Origami. We recently played this at the meeting I run in the local DC area,...

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