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12 Days of Dysfunctional Scrum

In the spirit of the holidays but with a slight twist, I bring you the 12 days of dysfunctional Scrum. ūüôā Happy Holidays to all and have a Happy New Year! Stay safe!¬†Be sure to play the music while reading. If you are rushed for time, I provided a summary...


How Do We Know When a Backlog Item is Ready for Development?

Time and time again I see teams struggling with getting backlog items completed inside of their Sprint/Iteration (Scrum duration of time where the Development Team develops a portion of a product to be demonstrated, usually 2 weeks or less). Typically the business folks feel they have clearly defined a backlog...

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My Go To Retrospective Format

Having facilitated many retrospectives over the years, there is common format (excuse the image pun, “4” mat) that I have found helpful regardless of the technique (check out my¬†Favorite Retrospective Techniques post) used. The format used is based primarily from what I learned at The Agile Facilitator course by the...

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Favorite Retrospective Techniques

Below are a collection of retrospective techniques that I have found very useful over the years. There are many more that I have also used but these are the ones I lean on heavily. I think it is very important to vary the format of any retrospective if you are...


Meme a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Some Agile-related meme’s to keep the doctor away. If you liked some of these, you might like these also. Collection of Agile-related memes More Agile-related Memes A Few More Agile-related Memes And the Agile-related Memes Keep Coming If you have some Agile-related memes worth sharing, please post a comment.


Individual and Team Values Workshop (Facilitator’s Guide)

Many of us would like to operate as a high performing team. For those that have experienced being on a high performing team in the past whether in sports, business, or volunteer work, it is amazing and something to be cherished. There are many ingredients that go into a team...


Writing User Stories, It’s About the Conversation

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness …” so starts the classic “A Tale of Two Cities” story by Charles Dickens. I get excited every time I read that opening because I know...


Per Aspera Ad Astra – Agile 2015 Review

After a couple of weeks of much needed vacation, I am finally getting around to capturing my experience at Agile 2015! In a few words it was motivational, energetic, and I felt at home (my tribe). I am still riding my Agile <Insert Year> High and not looking forward to what...


One SHU Not HA RI, These Things!

Have you been on a team or in an organization that adopts a new methodology or framework of getting work done and then stops using parts of it almost immediately? Or they don’t implement parts of the framework because that won’t work for them? All to often I¬†have seen this...


Getting to DONE! by Jeff Sutherland

Last night, Jeff Sutherland (@jeffsutherland) from Scrum, Inc., stopped by the local DC Scrum User Group (@DCSUG) and talked to us about Getting to DONE! It was a great talk highlighting the major factors that impact a teams ability to deliver working software every sprint. The six primary factors are Poor definition of...

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