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Start with the End in Mind – Envisioning Workshop

I think grounding a team to understand why they are embarking on the development of a product at the individual, team, company and possibly world level is extremely powerful. As Daniel Pink (@DanielPink) points out in his book, “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” having a strong purpose...


And the Agile-related Memes Keep Coming

I swear I am going to post something more than just memes all the time. I need to prioritize blogging higher but I digress. Enjoy the next round. Time for a little animation. How it Feels to Watch User Test Product First Time   Deploy Looks Fine on My End  ...


Per Aspera Ad Astra – Agile 2015 Review

After a couple of weeks of much needed vacation, I am finally getting around to capturing my experience at Agile 2015! In a few words it was motivational, energetic, and I felt at home (my tribe). I am still riding my Agile <Insert Year> High and not looking forward to what...


A Few More Agile-related Memes

One cannot get enough Agile-related Memes, at least in my opinion. Below are a few more that I have found entertaining. Here are some other meme posts: Collection of Agile-related Memes More Agile-related Memes If you have some other great Agile-related Memes, please post them in the comments.


One SHU Not HA RI, These Things!

Have you been on a team or in an organization that adopts a new methodology or framework of getting work done and then stops using parts of it almost immediately? Or they don’t implement parts of the framework because that won’t work for them? All to often I have seen this...


Getting to DONE! by Jeff Sutherland

Last night, Jeff Sutherland (@jeffsutherland) from Scrum, Inc., stopped by the local DC Scrum User Group (@DCSUG) and talked to us about Getting to DONE! It was a great talk highlighting the major factors that impact a teams ability to deliver working software every sprint. The six primary factors are Poor definition of...


Agile Defense by JJ Sutherland

Recently JJ Sutherland (@jjsutherland) presented on the topic of Agile Defense at the local Scrum User Group that I co-organize. I hope to fill in more of what JJ talked about in this post but at the very least below are the slides that he presented that you can download. Enjoy....


Don’t Leave Relationships to Chance, Design an Alliance

Don’t leave relationships (mentor/mentee, coach/coachee, team) to chance. Design an alliance to ensure a strong foundation of how you will work together as a team. This is similar to setting up working agreements with teams. An example item in the agreement might be that we will be respectful (don’t interrupt)...


More Agile-related Memes

Below are some more agile-related memes that I have collected over the years and find pretty funny. Enjoy. And some more here … A few more Agile-related Memes If you haven’t seen the first round, here you go … Collection of Agile-related Memes What are some agile-related memes that you...


Harnessing the Power of the Brain for Change: A Case Study in Culture Change

I recently attended a great webinar, “Harnessing the Power of the Brain for Change: A Case Study in Culture Change” put on by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP). The speakers were Andrea Barrett, Ed Richardson and Mark Bagin. Below are some of the notes that jumped out at me. Andrea...

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