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Agile Jenga

Recently I facilitated Agile Jenga at the meeting I run in the local DC area, DC Scrum User Group (DCSUG). I am not the originator of this game but I have spelled it out a little more. A link to the original version is below. Overview This is a great game...


Stop, Collaborate and Listen (Collaborative Origami)

I couldn’t help myself, Ice Ice Baby for the middle aged readers. You will find out soon that I love conducting experiential learning exercises (a.k.a. games). A good one I like to play is Collaborative Origami. We recently played this at the meeting I run in the local DC area,...

Here we go!!

Finally gonna get this blog thing off the ground! A little about me, I work for Excella Consulting and work on site as a ScrumMaster at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This blog will hopefully serve you in adopting an agile mindset. What makes me tick? My vision is to...

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