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And the Agile-related Memes Keep Coming

I swear I am going to post something more than just memes all the time. I need to prioritize blogging higher but I digress. Enjoy the next round. Time for a little animation. How it Feels to Watch User Test Product First Time   Deploy Looks Fine on My End  ...


A Few More Agile-related Memes

One cannot get enough Agile-related Memes, at least in my opinion. Below are a few more that I have found entertaining. Here are some other meme posts: Collection of Agile-related Memes More Agile-related Memes If you have some other great Agile-related Memes, please post them in the comments.


More Agile-related Memes

Below are some more agile-related memes that I have collected over the years and find pretty funny. Enjoy. And some more here … A few more Agile-related Memes If you haven’t seen the first round, here you go … Collection of Agile-related Memes What are some agile-related memes that you...


Collection of Agile-related Memes

Here is a collection of Agile-related memes that I have collected over the years. The first two I recently made up. Enjoy. The next one below was on reddit the other day. I just tweaked it a little. Next round posted. More Agile-related Memes Here are some other good ones: http://tiny-giant-books.com/blog/agile-memes-part-1/ What are some...

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