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And the Agile-related Memes Keep Coming

I swear I am going to post something more than just memes all the time. I need to prioritize blogging higher but I digress. Enjoy the next round. Time for a little animation. How it Feels to Watch User Test Product First Time   Deploy Looks Fine on My End  ...


Getting to DONE! by Jeff Sutherland

Last night, Jeff Sutherland (@jeffsutherland) from Scrum, Inc., stopped by the local DC Scrum User Group (@DCSUG) and talked to us about Getting to DONE! It was a great talk highlighting the major factors that impact a teams ability to deliver working software every sprint. The six primary factors are Poor definition of...


Scrum Shortcuts Book Review

Scrum Shortcuts without Cutting Corners: Agile Tactics, Tools, & Tips by: Ilan Goldstein was a quick read chalked full of useful and immediately applicable tips to use with teams and organizations I work with. And while shortcuts don’t typically work out, the author states, “these are different.” They are more...

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