The Ideal Spotify Culture and Their Journey So Far

I love Spotify’s motto/mindset, “Think It. Build It. Ship It. Tweak It.” I know testing is part of “Build It”, but I like to add “Test It” sometimes to amplify the importance testing has to shipping quality products. But I digress. The two videos linked below are produced by Henrik Kniberg and take you on Spotify’s journey to produce the culture they have today and where they hope to be. Spotify has been highly rated on glassdoor (employee rating companies) and has a fantastic product, who knew those two things could happen together.

These videos are very entertaining and informative. Grab your popcorn and enjoy.

I have been eagerly awaiting part 2 of the Spotify Culture video and Henrik posted it recently. There are so many great things about Spotify’s culture that this blog post would be a mile long if I tried to list them.

So inspiring. This doesn’t happen overnight and it appears that everyone has a say in Spotify’s journey. It isn’t perfect by any stretch and Henrik indicates that this is ideally how they operate. Peaking into some of the recent glassdoor comments indicate that not everything is all roses at Spotify. Luckily they are constantly inspecting and adapting. What are your thoughts on these videos?

Henrik, thank you so much for sharing!!

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3 Responses

  1. Carlos L. Sanchez says:

    The second video doesn’t play for me, does it for everyone else?

  2. bsjoberg says:

    It is fixed now, not sure what the issue was.

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