You Might Have an Agile Mindset When …

Scienceboy300x344… you have a sprint planning meeting with your kids on Friday to prioritize what we need to do and want to do on the weekend

… your kids once got upset and said, “Dad, we didn’t get to do our highest priority item this weekend!”

… your wife moves the “Paint Room” task from done back to in progress and says, “This isn’t done … leaving all the paint supplies out, isn’t part of the Definition of Done”

… you have a Trello board for every aspect of your life

… you ask why more than you ask what

… you think of all your day to day tasks and what value they are leading to

… you use a collection of bar coasters to explain to your friends about relative sizing and also prioritizing based on business value and effort/complexity

… you are addicted to the dopamine hit one receives when moving a task to the done column

… you focus on the tasks that provide the highest value

… 3M (post it notes) and Sharpie has contacted you for a sponsorship

What are some of your agile mindset thoughts/actions?

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2 Responses

  1. Cherie Silas says:

    Don’t forget painter’s tape! …you 20 rolls of painters tape in multiple colors! 🙂

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