Collection of Agile-related Memes

Here is a collection of Agile-related memes that I have collected over the years. The first two I recently made up. Enjoy.

Yoda-Be-or-Not-Be-Agile-Meme (Small)


Say-Agile-One-More-Time-Meme (small)The next one below was on reddit the other day. I just tweaked it a little.

ScrumMaster-on-Burndown-Meme (small)




Next round posted. More Agile-related Memes

Here are some other good ones:

What are some of your favorite agile-related memes? Post them in the comments.

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  1. bsjoberg says:

    Jim Constant gives us this beauty.

    Do or Do Not, No Try Venn Diagram

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